Erie School District gives the green light for winter sports


Erie School District is giving the green light for winter sports. This comes as students continue to learn remotely at least through the Spring.

This decision was made during a special school board meeting. School board members approved Winter sports by a five to two vote and there will be guidelines in place to keep student athletes safe.

It’s the second chance that senior basketball player Stephen Scheppner has waited for.

“It’s huge, especially for my basketball team. Most of us will be seniors. We had a heartbreaking loss last year in our playoffs so it would be huge to have one more go at this,” said Stephen Scheppner, Erie High School Basketball Player.

This comes as the Erie School Board approves a Winter sports season. Those Winter sports include basketball, bowling, wrestling, and swimming can begin practice immediately, but modifications will be set in place.

“Pretty much swimming and health conditions are the only exemptions on mask based on Secretary Levine’s guidance and we’re going to follow that at this point,” said Brian Polito, Superintendent of the Erie School District.

All students and parents will have to sign a waiver to participate in activities. Students will only play regional games and not travel for tournaments.

Superintendent Polito said that sports can be done safely if all students follow the CDC guidelines.

“We have a lot of concerns about keeping our students safe, but we are going to continue to enforce the health and safety plan and make sure our students and coaches follow those protocols,” said Polito.

The decision affects extracurricular activities including band and cheer-leading.

Superintendent Polito told us that once more guidelines are set in place which will be discussed tomorrow.

Students could begin practice as early as Thursday night.

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