Erie School District welcomes students back to school


It was the start of the school year for many students across the Erie region today.

Teachers in the Erie School District welcomed students back in a much different way however.

Here is a look at how the first day of school went for the region.

Thousands of students logged on to their devices in order to have a virtual first day of school, while others were greeted back to the classroom through a mask.

Hundreds of students lined up to have their temperatures taken so they could enter the new school year.

“It’s going to be an unusual school year for sure, but we spent the Summer preparing for this and we are ready to deliver instruction either in person or remotely or whatever those conditions call for,” said Brian Polito, Superintendent of the Erie School District.

Not everyone is thrilled however about the new procedures in place for the students as they enter the school.

“It’s nuts the whole thing. They are going to have the kids stand out here in the rain and snow waiting to get in the school because the superintendent said it’s the new norm. I don’t know,” said Ruth Blystone, Parent.

One parent explained that she has two children who are both in the district. It was far from easy getting her middle school student online this Tuesday morning.

“They didn’t give us the password for Schoololgy and you try calling the number they told us and I had to keep calling and calling. It took me most of the morning to finally get through to them,” said Blystone.

As for the students heading back into the classroom, they have to follow the CDC guidelines.

“We’ve separated the classrooms to make sure that there is six feet of distance within the classrooms. We have markings on the floor and in the hallways. We are dismissing at staggered times to make sure that we don’t have a lot of students in the hallway,” said Polito.

The majority of the Erie School District students are set to remain in remote learning through the first quarter of the school year which goes until November 4th.

Starting on September 9th, the district will be providing five days worth of breakfasts, lunches and milk servings to every student enrolled in an Erie public school.

The district will host a meal distribution each Wednesday at five different locations.

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