Former Erie resident speaks about living with COVID-19


One man who grew up in Erie just found out that he is COVID-19 positive.

He talked to us about the struggles and pain he has gone through.

Kevin-John Jobczynski now lives and works in Florida, but he is well known for his artwork with Disney and the NFL.

He says back in February he started dealing with extreme fatigue. Jobczynski says he checked into the hospital in early March with bronchial failure and they treated him as if he did have COVID-19.

He has been home since then self quarantining and is just now recovering from his symptoms.

After eight weeks he was finally able to get get tested and found out yesterday that he is in fact COVID-19 positive.

He says he is not surprised, because all the signs pointed to the positive diagnosis. He has had respiratory issues since December and he also has an autoimmune disease.

“I am glad that I am on the back end of this. The terror of everything, of going through it was eight weeks ago, especially being that no one was talking about this yet,” said Kevin-John Jobczynski, living with COVID-19.

Jobczynski says doctors don’t know where he is in the process, but that he will find out next week about any further treatment that might be needed.

He is currently taking eight different medications for COVID-19.

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