Girard Police and Fire Department put on social distance parade for local children


In the midst of the social distancing order, the Girard Police and Fire Department are lifting spirits for kids in the community.

Residents we spoke to say that this small gesture helps bring the community together, even while staying at home.

It wasn’t a call for help, but a way to cheer up kids while practicing social distancing.

“It just brings everyone joy, it just distracts them from all of the world problems that are going on right now. It’s very nice,” said Katlyn Kuhlman, West Springfield resident.

A.F. Dobler Hose and Ladder, along with Lake City and Girard Police, decorated each fire truck with teddy bears as a way to brighten everyone’s day.

“This is probably the closest thing to interaction of what we can think of. Even us up here, we try to steer apart from each other when at all possible,” said Richard Meyer, Lieutenant, Girard Fire Department.

The first responders had one goal in mind.

“In light of current events, we thought it would be great for the families and kids to have something to smile about, even though they can’t go out and do much. We thought we’d bring everybody to them,” said Bryan Zurn, Patrolman, Girard Police Department.

One by one, fire trucks and police cruisers turned down every street. Those on board were smiling and waving to residents.

The parade is just one simple way of bringing the community together during these trying times.

“It’s always been a community that’s geared toward bringing smiles and happiness and joy to our kids. It’s so nice of them that they took the time to think about them,” said Jodie Johnson, West Springfield resident.

The fire and police departments were practicing social distancing by limiting the number of people that were in each fire truck and vehicle.

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