Harborcreek School District providing meals for students


The COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping the nation and locally schools might be shut down for learning, but some families still have the opportunity to pick up lunches for students.

In Harborcreek, district workers joined together this morning to set up a drive-thru lunch and breakfast pick up for families.

The district provided both breakfast and lunch for students to last over the next five days. Within the lunches there are five drinks, milks, along with the snacks and meals.

“We are working with our cafeteria staff. Our administrators, our teachers are here supporting our community, our families who are in need right now. So, that’s what we are doing, we are out here doing all we can for families here in Harborcreek,” said Kelly Hess, Superintendent, Harborcreek School District.

The district said they will provide meals to families once again next week.

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