Health Department officials reacting to multiple days of record COVID-19 cases for Erie County


There have been record high COVID-19 cases for the last three days in Erie County.

Officials from the Erie County Department of Health are urging the community to continue to follow CDC guidelines, including wearing a mask in public, and staying to close to home, not traveling to other states.

Public Health Director Melissa Lyon said for the last couple of days, new COVID-19 cases in Erie County have been in the double digits. She said it could be related to long-term care facilities increase in testing, though she said that’s not the only reason.

“When I’ve asked how many of them are related to long term care, its really just a handful here and there, so it’s not any one thing that’s obviously driving this up.” Lyon said.

Lyon adding the virus transmits from person to person whenever it gets the chance, so following CDC guidelines like universal masking and social distancing are still necessary.

“I ask the community and the residents of Erie County to not become complacent and continue to do the things we know that work wearing our masks and physically distancing.” Lyon said.

One Erie resident saying one factor she believes that’s contributing to the increase in cases is people wearing masks incorrectly or not at all.

“Not wearing their masks in general, but also not wearing their masks correctly, paired with people just completely disregarding social distancing and other regulations and suggestions from the CDC.” said Stella Fox.

Fox added that people disregarding CDC guidelines has resulted in nationwide as well as local increases in COVID-19 cases.

“A much unneeded increase in Coronavirus cases all throughout the world, specifically in America, and right now here in Erie.” Fox said.

One nurse that JET 24 Action News spoke with says that he believes the warm weather is causing more people to go out. He says if you are going out, wear a mask.

“I encourage people to wear their masks more so to protect other people. I mean, you don’t know if you’re carrying it.” said Albert Durante.

Officials from the Department of Health recommend taking safety precautions to keep the number of COVID-19 cases down in Pennsylvania, and not become a hot spot state.

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Source: Pennsylvania Department of Health

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