Judicial emergency declared


A judicial emergency is declared for the Erie County Common Pleas Court.

This means the court house is still open, but in a reduced and mitigated way.

All jury trials will be put off until at least April 14th, which means no one could be penalized for a delay of a speedy trial.

Preliminary hearings will only be held for defendants in custody. As for what else will continue in the court system;

“We still have will critical hearings following protection from abuse orders for victims or alleged victims of domestic violence, the indirect criminal contempt’s, bench warrant reviews, some injunctive relief requests will be entertained and emergency motions for special relief. The other hearings can be postponed or delayed,” said President Judge John Trucilla, Erie County.

Erie County will continue to monitor COVID-19 over the next few weeks to see if the court changes need to continue beyond April 15th.

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