Local aquarium and pet shop explains challenges faced during the pandemic


Many local businesses are experiencing shortages in materials as a result of the pandemic.

One local aquarium and pet shop owner explained some of the challenges they have faced.

The owner of Buzz N’ B’s Aquarium and Pet Shop, Paige Elder, said in the beginning of the pandemic the shop had a tough time with salt water shortages for the fish.

Elder said that after a few months, they were able to receive the salt water and other materials from their regular vendors in California.

However, they still are experiencing difficulties with glass for the aquariums.

“Restrictions that are in place at these larger manufacturers they’re just not able to keep up with demand as well on top of that just with their restrictions, they can’t even make them to begin with. So we’ve just really struggled with getting some of the stuff in,” said Paige Elder, Owner of Buzz N’ B’s Aquarium and Pet Shop.

Elder added that customers have been very patient and understanding about the circumstances.

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