Local bands react to COVID-19 affecting the music scene in town


Around this time of year, outside concerts and festivals would start taking place here in Erie.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many local bands have canceled their performances.

We spoke to members of local bands to find out how COVID-19 is affecting the music scene here in Erie.

Members of Tennessee Backporch said that the band had plans for a 40 year anniversary concert over at the Erie Playhouse.

“It was supposed to be April 18th, and that obviously got canceled so we have no idea when things are gonna come back to some kind of normalcy so that we can do the concerts,” said Chris and Julie Moore, members of the Tennessee Backporch Band.

Julie Moore said that though it is disappointing that the concert was postponed, she considers herself lucky to be with one of her band mates. She is also taking advantage of the free time.

“We’re fortunate because we’re together. There’s a lot of band members that are out there that aren’t with their band mates. At least we are able to work on some songs. We’re actually doing some recording,” said Moore.

Members of another band are saying that despite the initial set back, they are looking for ways to expand their online presence.

“We’re deprived of being able to play physically and do shows and that stuff. The only alternative is to increase your presence online,” said Derek Sloppy, Drummer for Human Delusion.

The guitarist of Human Delusion said that he is doing just that.

“Get as much content made in this period of time when everyone is on their phones cause I feel like there’s no better time to make a bunch of content right now because of the fact that a bunch of people are at home and not doing much of anything,” said Kyle Hammer, Guitarist for Human Delusion.

The guitarist said he has been working on graphic design and different mixes for their songs and is currently working on new material as well.

The creative work that Human Delusion is putting in is currently paying off. Later this month, Human Delusion will be posting a new song online.

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