Local barbershops speak out about opening up while still being in the yellow phase


Many people haven’t been to a barbershop or hair salon in months. Now one barber is speaking out.

We heard from one barber who decided to open his shop today despite Erie County remaining in the yellow phase.

We spoke with the owner of Garver Barbers and More and he said the response from the community has been overwhelming with clients calling to schedule an appointment.

It’s been over three months since Nicholas Garver has worked in his barber shop. Garver said it has been difficult having no source of income and a family to support.

“My savings have been wiped out. I have a newborn at home. I have two other boys to look after and mouths to feed and bills like I said coming in and I finally just got to my breaking point,” said Nicholas Garver, Owner of Garver Barbers and More.

Now Garver has opened his doors and the people are reaching out.

“The community has definitely reached out. They’ve been very responsive and supportive. Topics Hair Salon right next door to the owner came over and gave me a bag of Paul Mitchel hair products,” said Garver.

The owner of Topics Hair Salon said that she wanted to show her support.

“We are an alliance of people in the same industry going through the same thing together and it’s all about community support,” said Victoria Truchanowicz, Owner of Topics Hair Salon.

Some hairstylists are saying that their biggest concern is losing their clients to neighboring areas where hair care services are permitted.

“It’s not helping us to see anybody leave our own area to get a hair cut out of the area,” said Garver.

Truchanowicz sais that leaving Erie takes revenue away from the hair dressers and that she commends Garver for opening.

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