Local business owner gives back to the community during COVID-19


When the pandemic hit, the owner of the Edinboro Hotel Bar saw the need many were facing during this unprecedented time. So, he took the action to use his restaurant to serve his community.

Yoselin Person was live in Edinboro this morning outside the Edinboro Hotel Bar. She has the story of how this business has been serving the community.

The Edinboro Hotel Bar has a long rich tradition in this community. It’s a gathering spot for residents and college students, but not so much right now.

The owner of the hotel bar has seen the downside of this pandemic, so he and his team are using this time to uplift many in the community.

“As a small business owner, I was just looking for a way that I can help,” said Patrick Hargest, owner, Edinboro Hotel Bar.

We’ve all seen the downside of the COVID-19 pandemic, events canceled, people out of work, hungry families.

Hargest grew up in the Edinboro community and wanted to help. Hargest and his team are serving pasta meals for families of four for $20.

They have also made 285 vouchers, also known as “gift certificates,” a donation to those in need valued at over $5,000.

“These gift certificates are a way they can get a hot meal and not feel bad about it I guess. It’s just an easy way that I thought we can do it,” said Hargest.

Hargest says when coming up with this agenda it was a bit difficult for him to figure out who was in the most need. So, he reached out to the General McLane School District and the Edinboro Food Pantry.

“The community and just what Pat is doing is so characteristic of our entire community here. The Edinboro and McKean community is made up of amazing people,” said Pamela Mackowski, assistant principal, General McLane High School.

Mackowski says the school district has been serving hundreds of meals to students every day and with the help of Hargest and others, it’s helping them to ease the process.

“Like I’ve said, it has just been amazing how much we’ve been able to work with the community and make things available for the people who need it right now,” said Mackowski.

“It just shows that we do live in a really special community here in Edinboro and McKean. In the district there’s a lot of community help and people that want to help other people, so it’s rewarding in that aspect,” said Hargest.

To help donate you can visit Edinboro Hotel Bar’s Facebook page.

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