Local businesses enter into yellow phase of reopening


Many local businesses are reopening as Erie enters into the yellow phase.

We spoke with local store owners and customers about this transitional time. Two local stores saw steady business yesterday and today.

Business owners are saying that it is crucial to keep their stores sanitized and remind customers to wear a mask inside of their establishments.

Owner of Claudine’s Consignment Shop said that prior to opening her shop, she met with her staff and laid out a safety policy.

The safety policy included employees wearing masks and creating more space in the store in order to keep customers socially distant.

The owner said that with the safety precautions in place, business has been steady.

“A lot of the people have been watching our website, been shopping on our website and kind of were like okay i’m gonna come in and buy that. So it just seems more purposeful they’re coming in. They want something specifically to purchase,” said Claudine Thiem, Owner of Claudine’s Consignment.

One regular customer at Claudine’s did just that.

“We were watching things online. It was hard not to come in and see things in person, but now that we were able to come in, the item we were looking for was still here so we were happy to come in and support them and kind of feel a little bit more normal,” said Emily Sorbara, Shopper at Claudine’s Consignment.

The staff at another local business entering the yellow phase, Light House Jewelers, is saying that they have seen a fair amount of business with some customers doing some last minute Mother’s Day shopping.

“Yesterday and today, we’ve had our loyal customers in. They are excited to come and support small businesses. They’re happy to be out, to be able to get special Mother’s Day gifts is a lot of what we are seeing,” said Hillary Bixby, Sales staff at Light House Jewelers.

Light House Jewelers has been a Bixby family business for over 30 years. Hillary Bixby said that her family is happy to serve the community once again.

“It means everything to us obviously we wouldn’t be anything with out our customers. We’ve been in business as our family as the Bixby’s for 35 years or so here. Without the support of small business goers then we wouldn’t be here,” said Bixby.

The staff at Lighthouse Jewelers said that they are using a special sanitizing product on their glass counters to keep customers safe.

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