Local gyms discuss their stance on the changes on mask mandates


As CDC guidelines change on the mask mandate, this is leading to plenty of confusion.

If you want to get a workout in and are fully vaccinated yet are still not sure about leaving your mask on or off, we spoke to one local gym to clear up some of the confusion.

Different places have their own rules for mask wearing, but one gym is following along with CDC guidelines.

“If you are fully vaccinated, I don’t see a reason you need to wear a mask, so,” said Bradley Dickerson, Gym Member.

Gym members like Bradley Dickerson are eager to ditch the mask. The vice president of IRock Fitness and many other gyms in Erie is enforcing CDC guidelines to patrons.

“When people come into the club, they have a choice to wear a mask or not wear a mask and that is definitely a choice that should be made if they are fully vaccinated or not,” said Matt Pribonic, VP of IRock Fitness.

Even though there is a choice on mask wearing, you still need to continue practicing social distancting.

“As a staff we encourage social distancing and it always is beneficial and safe in a fitness club environment to stay six feet apart from somebody,” said Pribonic.

Whether you are doing wall balls like this or getting a great workout in, it is recommended to wear a mask if you are not yet fully vaccinated.

“I get my second shot next week so I mean hopefully I mean I’m going to keep it on as long as the gym requires it, but I’m hoping they lift the requirement sooner than later,” said Bradley Dickerson, Gym Member.

Pribonic said that the staff at IRock Fitness will continue to wear masks. Pribonic also said that the staff will reevaluate the situation week by week.

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