Local hospital officials react to the first shipment of COVID-19 vaccines


The first batch of Coronavirus vaccines are being shipped out today from Pfizer Plant for all 50 states.

We wanted to hear from people locally about their reaction and also how hospitals plan to take action for this vaccine.

Local health officials said that the vaccine will arrive sometime this week, possibly as soon as tomorrow. They say these vaccines will first be administered to healthcare workers.

Local healthcare officials are calling the vaccine a major step toward eradicating the COVID-19 virus. Pfzier vaccines will be delivered to local hospitals including UPMC Hamot sometime this week.

“Those healthcare workers who are at the highest risk to those COVID patients. So those folks working in the COVID unit and in our critical care units and emergency departments,” said Jason Chenault, Senior Director of Emergency Services at UPMC Hamot.

Jason Chenault added that the Pfizer vaccine is administered in two days. Patients will receive the second dose 21 days after the first dose.

After both doses, the vaccine has been reported to be 95% effective. Chenault said that it is unclear when the public will have access to it.

“I don’t know exactly a timeline, but there’s a lot of pressure to get this vaccine out and to the public and to anybody and everybody that would want to receive the vaccine,” said Chenault.

We spoke to people in the community and we heard mixed reactions about whether they would receive the Pfizer vaccine when it’s available.

“It’s good that it’s coming for health care workers because they’re getting tired and something to protect them would be good, but at the same time I feel like it was made very quickly,” said Therese Lydick, Reacting to Pfizer Vaccine.

Lydick added she is unsure if she would receive the vaccine. Another Erie resident said that despite how quickly the vaccine was made and approved she would definitely be receiving a vaccine.

“I work in a COVID ICU and I feel comfortable with the information that is out there. I think we have to do whatever we can to keep our families safe, our friends safe,” said Peggy Boyd, Reacting to Pfizer Vaccine.

Health officials said that after healthcare workers, those in long term care facilities will be next to receive the Pfizer vaccine.

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