Local hospitals reporting a decrease in COVID-19 patients so far in the new year


Many local hospitals are saying COVID-19 hospitalizations are decreasing in the new year.  

UPMC is reporting a third consecutive week of decreases in COVID-19 hospitalizations, as have Millcreek Community Hospital.

Saint Vincent Hospital reports that back in December they had 54 COVID-19 patients hospitalized a day, which peaked to 70 around Christmas.

The number of hospitalized patients has decreased in January to 43 per day.

Dr. Chris Clark from Saint Vincent spoke about the next move in their vaccination plan.

“If the vaccine supply allows we can work very collaboratively with everyone else in trying to put something like that together as we move into the Tier 1b and subsequent groups,” said Dr. Christopher Clark, AHN Saint Vincent Hospital.

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Pennsylvania COVID-19 Map

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Health

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