Local parents rally to protest mask mandate in schools


The Erie County Department of Health announced a mask mandate for all schools.

Now that wearing masks are required for all schools in Erie County, parents had the chance to speak at the Millcreek School Board meeting.

We spoke to one parent who said that they are almost to the point of pulling their kid out of school.

Parents against masking their kids in school rallied together in front of the Millcreek Education Center with signs and shouted to make a stand.

This is a crowd of over 50 parents from different school districts who are involved in a Facebook group with over 1,000 followers called “Parents Protecting Children.”

“Don’t put a medical device on my child who gets cuts underneath her ears so she will be exempt this year because of those cuts. She’s eight years old,” said Kat Higgens, General McLane Parent.

One Millcreek parent said that the masks have taken the joy out of school for his three kids.

“They are just miserable. They don’t want to go to school. They don’t want to wear masks. They don’t want to go through the protocols that separate them from their friends,” said John Moore, Parent.

Other people attended this rally to support parents.

“Protest it and let other people know they are upset. These are our children not your children and we have a right to raise them as we see fit,” said Charles Jackson, Supporter.

Even though parents don’t want their kids to wear face masks in school, they are still respectful of others who choose differently.

“I think that if people in their heart really believe that a mask is going to stop them or their child from getting sick I don’t want to take that right away from anybody, but I don’t want it forced on me,” said Moore.

One student goes to Luther Memorial Academy and said that he is all for the county mandate on wearing masks in schools.

“I feel like it should be mandatory at all schools across America,” said Joseph Pastewka, Student at Luther Memorial Academy.

Parents said that they hope the solution to this will be a choice given to parents to allow their kids to be in school with no mask.

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