Local salon owner fears clients will leave during yellow phase restrictions


Hair salons will not open during the yellow phase to cut hair. The salons however will be open to sell products.

Chrisma Salon is currently open as mentioned to sell hair products, but there is still a growing frustration with the lack of clarity from the State.

There is still no word on when the salons will be able to cut hair once again.

One stylist said that she would feel better if there was some sort of guidance as to when they can resume business as normal.

The owner fears that her clients will leave and head over the boarder to Ohio where salons will open up this upcoming Friday.

“It breaks my heart. I hope those clients that do go across the boarder will go back to their stylist when this is all done. I guess you just don’t know,” said Molly Murray, Hair Stylist at Charisma Salon.

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