Local school districts must submit a plan for the school year following an order by Governor Tom Wolf


Local school districts must make a decision following an order by Governor Tom Wolf.

Here is a look at what the school districts are saying.

In person or online learning? For that is the question for districts this entire school year due to COVID-19.

Now Governor Wolf wants to see a plan from each of the school districts.

As COVID-19 case numbers soar throughout the commonwealth, school districts in Erie County need to make a decision.

By November 30th, Governor Wolf is ordering districts who are in a substantial transmission level to sign off saying they’ve either moved fully to remote learning, or are complying with the state’s COVID-19 safety measures for in-person instruction.

General McClane said that in-person learning will continue for students.

“We genuinely feel that our buildings are safe and we think that what we are doing is working. We have seen kids come into the buildings unfortunately with COVID-19 asymptomatic and we’ve seen no spread in our building,” said Sarah Grabski, Director of Communications and Administrative Services.

The district is going remote starting on December 1st to December 4th following Thanksgiving.

After this period, students will be welcomed back into the classroom.

The same goes for Penncrest and Conneaut School Districts in Crawford County.

Iroquois School District said that they will continue in-person instruction for students.

The superintendent explained that they’re already practicing the safety measures the governor has put into place.

“The big concern I have is if schools are offering sports and they’re not offering live instruction. I don’t know how we can look at ourselves and say sports are more important than education. So if it is safe enough for a kid to be playing basketball, it should be safe enough for a kid to be in a math class,” said Shane Murray, Superintendent at Iroquois School District.

In the Erie School District, students are learning online. The district said that they will continue to monitor the situation.

“We want to bring back our kids as soon as possible. As soon as it is safe to do so. We have the infrastructure to flip the switch and bring them back within a weeks notice. So we are ready to go,” said Brian Polito, Superintendent of the Erie City School District.

Districts that do not comply with this are required to provide only fully remote learning and suspend all extracurricular activities.

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