With Governor Tom Wolf’s new face mask recommendation going into effect, the need to acquire one has grown. With that in mind, one Erie girl is ahead of the curve, and already working to help feed the need in the Erie community.

Many kids are pressing down on game controllers or remotes while obeying the stay at home. That’s not the case for one 10-year old girl as she is learning to press down on a sewing machine pedal to help her community.

Children are now learning from home and that could mean picking up a new skill. For one sixth grader, this means being able to grasp what’s happening in the world and taking action to make a difference.

“So, when I heard about the shortage of hand sanitizers and masks all throughout the city, I decided its time to take action and make these supplies and sanitizers for people that need them.” said Genelia Kang.

This 10-year old just began learning how to sew. Her desire to help others is not something new.

“Ever since I’ve been little, I have been donating to the helpless, the people that need the stuff. Like, when I won a money award, I decided to give it to the art room at my school for art supplies.” Kang said.

Along with the homemade masks, the sixth grader includes hand sanitizer, soap and an information sheet on how to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in her care package. She decided to donate 50 of them to help the homeless.

“Her mom reached out to her friends at the Hamot Health Foundation, who reached out to us because they knew we were in the business through our 211 referral system of connecting people who want to help with ways to help and we are actually working to make that happen. I find it interesting at this time when we are all social distancing that our community is coming together like never before.” said Bill Jackson, President of the United Way of Erie County.

Genelia went on to explain that she hopes her story inspires others to help, but there is something you need in order to do so.

“They can do anything. They can do the same stuff as long as they believe that they can do it and they want to help people and that’s the main thing you have to want to help people to do it right.”

Genelia wrote a letter to Wegman’s to get the soap donated and the hand sanitizer was donated by Luminary Distilling.