Many people are still flying in and out of the Erie International Airport for Thanksgiving


Many people are still flying in and out of the Erie International Airport for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Travelers made their way even as the Coronavirus deaths surge across the United States.

We went to the Erie International Airport after speaking with travelers.

The top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said that airports are going to get us into even more trouble than we are in right now.

That is not stopping the travelers we spoke to from getting home for the holiday.

As nearly 60 passengers made their way from Charlotte, some passengers said that you can’t stop your holiday plans because of the pandemic.

“I wear a mask because I’m required to wear a mask. I’m not afraid of COVID. I think we’re all going to get it at some point,” said Lynn Heidemann, Traveling from Minnesota.

“I really don’t care what the CDC says. I do the precautions that I have to do. I protect myself,” said Terry Heidemann, Traveling from Minnesota.

One couple traveling to Buffalo explained that they took proper mitigation efforts before boarding the plane.

“We did full blown quarantine before we traveled. We got tested for COVID yesterday. We took every precaution we could have taken, but I was definitely worried about it,” said Megan McGuire, Traveling From Arkansas.

“We’ve been locked up for the last almost nine months. We have family that are aging and getting older. It’s important to see them,” said Chris Sweeny, Traveling from Arkansas.

We chatted with a few outgoing passengers who said there was no hesitation when deciding to travel by air while believing their age doesn’t present any risk when traveling.

“I think regardless of what precautions we may have, things are going to spread. There are always going to be people that aren’t necessarily following precautions or guidelines,” said Derek Kagen, Traveling to California.

“I’m just staying cautious. I got two masks on right now. So like that’s all I can do really,” said Frederick Green, Traveling to Florida.

Air travel still remains low due to the COVID-19 fall out. Taking a look nationally, on Tuesday the airports boarded 37% of the passengers they did a year ago.

“Over the weekend, I think we’re at 50%. People took advantage of flying out over the weekend. The numbers are dramatically down from previous years,” said Derek Martin, Executive Director of the Erie International Airport.

Overall the airport had three flights in and three flights out. Many of these flights were nearly booked both ways.

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