Millcreek School Board approves health safety plan for school year; parents voice concerns


Millcreek School Board members have approved a health safety plan for the school year.

This happened after parents voiced their frustrations over their kids having to wear masks in school. These parents finally had the chance on Monday night to speak at the Millcreek School Board meeting.

This new health plan could potentially give the compromise parents want for the safety of their kids, but most of all parents who spoke tonight do not want their kids to wear masks.

Frustrated and upset parents spoke in front of Millcreek School Board members on why they should do away with students wearing masks in school.

One parent wanted to make an impact and got involved in a Facebook group called “Parents Protecting Children to Help Speak Up About Their Concerns.”

“We knew we had to organize. We knew we had to create subcommittees to actually help all of these concerned parents that came to us seeking answers to what is going to happen this school year,” said Henry Aldrete, Parent.

“The school board has no authority in making decisions. As a parent it’s the parents choice. It’s the parents that love and will do everything they can to protect their kids,” said Becky Pifer, Attended Meeting.

After hearing a presentation from the Millcreek School Board discussing the school year, a health plan was approved at the end of the meeting on Monday night for this year’s school year.

Low and moderate ranges from zero to forty nine cases. Both give parents the option to send their kid to school with or without a mask.

High and substantial ranges from fifty to over one hundred COVID cases and requires all students to wear a mask.

Masks will not be worn in gym classes or outdoor recesses.

“They are not getting the quality education because of the distractions of having to wear a mask or being forced and being intimidated. If they are not wanting to wear a mask it is limiting their abilities to grow as young people,” said Pifer.

Yet parents are still wanting a resolution to the masking issue.

“I don’t think you have to be the brightest person in the world to figure out when you look at kids who need to see in a learning environment speech, expression, a smile,” said Aldrete.

Every Friday the school will reevaluate the need to wearing a mask according to the status of the Erie County Department of Health.

This health plan does give parents the option to send their kids to school without a mask, but that all depends on how many cases of COVID-19 there are.

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