Millcreek School District to resume in-person learning


After more than a week of virtual classes, McDowell High and Intermediate Schools will be reopening tomorrow for hybrid in-person classes.

This comes after the district confirmed seven positive COVID-19 cases.

We checked in with students and parents in the district about their thoughts heading back to the classroom.

Millcreek Superintendent Dr. Ian Roberts told us that it is important to know that all of the students and staff that had COVID-19 have recovered and tested negative.

This means it’s back to the classroom for McDowell High and Intermediate students.

“We closed as you know two Friday’s ago, because we reached for the thresh hold we set for ourselves which is one percent positivity rate in the building,” said Dr. Ian Roberts, Millcreek Superintendent.

This comes after seven students and staff members tested positive for COVID-19 thus leaving the district the decision to close it’s doors.

Superintendent Roberts said that the number of students and staff who tested positive for the virus is less than one percent of the schools population.

Some parents however believe that it’s best if kids are in school five days a week even as COVID-19 numbers spike.

“I feel like if they were that concerned about it, maybe they should have said okay maybe we should have done it virtually until the first of the year,” said Troy Prozan, Student at McDowell High School.

During the closure, students took classes online and some are weighing in saying that virtual learning isn’t helpful for their education.

“Personally I’d rather go to school for five days a week and learn in person because I learn better that way and be able to have face to face and have that in person one on one time,” said Lexie Prozan, Student at McDowell High School.

The district expects to continue it’s mitigation efforts and increase sanitation every few hours for students safety.

Some parents said that while in person learning is necessary, some dangers still await.

“The self motivation just isn’t there for a lot of students. Mine is not an exception to that so in person on track is nice,” said Christopher Szwec, McDowell High School Parent.

Students will return to the building two days and work remotely for the rest of the week.

In the event of a snow day this school year. The district said that it would shift to a 100% virtual learning day to maintain schooling for all students.

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