(WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com) — The Pennsylvania Physician General visited Erie Thursday morning to discuss the importance of COVID-19 vaccinations for people of all ages.

Acting Secretary of Health and Physician General Dr. Denise Johnson toured the LECOM COVID-19 clinic to discuss the importance of vaccinations.

Dr. Johnson also talked about the newly available vaccine for kids ages 6 months to four years.

Medical experts, including Dr. Johnson, stressed the pandemic is not officially over and vaccinations and boosters are necessary for everyone.

“We all would like the pandemic to be wrapping up. We’ve had more than two and a half years of this and I think people are tired of it. But it’s not gone, because we know that especially with the more transmissible variants we are seeing more cases. Luckily, what we’re seeing is more cases in individuals who have been properly vaccinated. So the overwhelming hospitalizations that we have seen in the past, we’re not seeing those now,” said Dr. Denise Johnson, Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of Health and Physician General.

Dr. Johnson mentioned vaccinations are available throughout the commonwealth.