Parents and students must choose between a classroom setting or virtual learning for the upcoming school year


The options are now on the table. Now it is time for students and parents to make a decision.

Will you send your kids back to a school classroom, or will it be a virtual school year?

We spoke to not only a parent, but a high school senior as well about this situation.

If parents and students wish to return to a physical building from their education, it will be the first time since March.

For Noah Hawryliw, the decision to return back to in-person learning goes without question.

The Harborcreek senior said that he chose to go with the district hybrid option to have in-person instruction two days a week with remote learning for the remaining three.

“Personally because I like the human interactions and I wanted to have as close to a normal senior year as possible,” said Noah Hawryliw, Senior from Harborcreek High School.

The track athlete believes the district will do their best during the pandemic to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Hawryliw added that it’s great to have the option compared to the senior class of 2020.

Hawryliw said that he is going to remain optimistic for the upcoming school year at least just thankful he is about to return in some capacity.

“You can’t choose what happens, but I mean you have to make the best out of it. I guess you could say is the glass half full or half empty? I guess it’s half full in this situation,” said Hawryliw.

One mother from Girard has also decided to send her two kids back to in-school learning as well.

“I think it’s important to be in a classroom setting with a teacher, to have my child get the best education,” said Allison Gomo, Girard Mother of Two.

Gomo also works as a substitute teacher for the Girard School District.

With the size of the district, Gomo feels in school learning will be safe.

“I think it will be a doable situation for kids to be able to social distance,” said Gomo.

As a substitute teacher, Gomo said that she is comfortable going back to teach this upcoming year.

Gomo said she feels the administration will do their best to keep everyone safe.

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