Parents speak out about McDowell High School moving to virtual learning


McDowell High School is making a temporary switch to virtual learning after multiple students test positive for COVID-19.

We spoke to parents who are adjusting to these changes.

Some McDowell High School parents are saying that they believe going virtual was the right thing to keep the community safe.

This does not mean however that the switch has been easy.

Some parents said that they are looking forward to students returning to campus so that they can receive hands on instruction from their teachers and be able to learn and socialize with fellow classmates.

One parent said that he is lucky that he and his wife are able to work from home most of the time.

This parent however feels for the students who are not able to receive help from their parents who are working.

“The people that work nine to five, that’s my biggest concern, and with their kids you know are the parents able to work with those kids during the day probably not. Where we have the benefit of being able to help them out during the day,” said Lucas Marsh, Father of McDowell Intermediate High School Student.

Marsh added that the school district and superintendent have been transparent while communicating about what is happening so that both students and parents feel informed.

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Source: Pennsylvania Department of Health

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