Pennsylvania schools could reopen in the fall


Local school districts are now looking for answers.

This comes after the Pennsylvania Secretary of Education announced a plan to return students to the classroom this fall.

We took a closer look at how those who are impacted by this announcement are reacting.

Students might be heading back to the classroom within the next six months, but if that happens it will look a lot different than what they’ve seen before.

“I don’t see a bright future if this continues,” said Jennifer Kifer, Parent.

Since March, students have turned their homes into a classroom. Online learning has also made parents become the teacher in many cases.

“There’s always a solution to every problem. Smaller class sizes, whether the kids have to wear masks, whether they stop switching classes and are contained to one classroom to stop the spread. Just anything because as a parent I’m very tired seeing my kids fail because I feel like I’m failing them and no parent wants to see their child fail,” said Kifer.

Students say that there are some benefits to the virtual classes, but they’re ready to go back to school.

“I work better when I am around other people and I have my teachers right there. So it’s definitely a breath of relief to know that there’s hope that we are going to go back in the fall,” said Abby Johnson, Junior at General Mclane High School.

If students go back it will be unconventional. This will lead school districts to come up with different plans.

“We’re hopeful that we welcome our students back as we traditionally do each year, but our team is closely examining some other models whether that be Syncretist virtual instruction or a blended model that would include a combination of virtual instruction as well as face to face,” said Rick Emerick, Superintendent of Fort Leboeuf School District.

The commonwealth has not provided reopening guidelines yet for the schools.

The state is expected to give the districts some form of guidance for reopening in the 2020-2021 school year within the next couple of weeks.

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Source: Pennsylvania Department of Health

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