Pfizer pharmaceutical company announces COVID-19 vaccine trial showing promise


A push for a COVID-19 vaccine is now underway. Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company has announced that it’s vaccine trial is showing promise.

This announcement comes after COVID-19 cases skyrocket around the country and even close to home here in Erie County.

We spoke to doctors about what the could mean locally.

Today alone there were 79 new cases of COVID-19 in Erie County. The highest case number we’ve seen since March.

One company however could soon help mitigate the spread of this pandemic.

A race to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 cases continues.

Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company, announced on Monday that their COVID-19 vaccine maybe 90% effective.

“How well did this vaccine prevent severe infections? What really matters to me is it keeps people out of the hospital that could die. If it just helps mild cases that may not be so helpful,” said Dr. Howard Nadworny, Infectious Disease Specialist.

Close to home, LECOM is dedicating a unit for post acute COVID-19 patients as cases surge. The skilled nursing unit will accommodate up to 50 patients.

Dr. James Lin, President of LECOM Institute for Successful Aging, said that the vaccine is a step in the right direction.

“I’m really hoping it’ll come out as soon as possible because that would help, but in the meantime it’s important people do simple things,” said Dr. James Lin, President of Lecom Institute for Successful Aging.

Pfizer’s chief executive said that there could be more than 30 million doses of the vaccine by the end of the year.

Dr. Nadworny believes the vaccine could be available to Erie residents in the next six months.

Until then, residents need to do their part and maintain social distance while also wearing a mask to keep the numbers down.

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