Popular Presque Isle restaurant still closed


Every April 1st you can expect to see long lines for opening day at Sara’s Restaurant on Presque Isle, but not his year due to the pandemic.

Instead of long lines of customers and cars in the drive in, Sara’s is a vacant lot.

“Yeah it’s disappointing. It’s been 39 years that we have opened on this day. We have opened in snow, we have opened in rain, we have opened in 70 degrees and we have had lines up to Waldameer,” said Sean Candela, Owner of Sara’s.

Candela says they decided to hold off on opening because they wanted to play it safe.

“I think that things are still going up and we are sort of trying to wait if we can for that curve. We want to get open for the community and for ourselves so that we have something to do when we are supposed to be back to doing what we are supposed to be doing, but it just didn’t feel that the time was quite right,” said Candela.

Some people were dissapointed to see Sara’s Doors closed.

“I was telling my husband we are coming down to Presque Isle today and I was telling him that it would be opening day opening day for Sara’s and we were all sad that we could not get our banana milkshakes and out hot dogs. It’s a tradition typically,” said Megan Eckroat, Erie Resident.

One restaurant that is open on April 1st is Schickalay’s, but they are doing Door Dash, Uber Eats and take out.

“It’s a little different. We are used to having our regular customers like waiting to come in and sit and eat, hang out with us and tell us how much they missed us all season,” said David Griffith, Schickalay’s Owner.

Charlotte Koester works for Door Dash and was at Schickalay’s getting take out for a customer.

“A lot of places are closed, so that affects our income,” said Charlotte Koester, Erie Resident.

Griffith says they are following all guidelines and have a minimum staff.

Sara’s owner Sean Candela says they plan to have a tentative opening day of April 15th.

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