Questions answered about the five Erie Police Officers under quarantine


Questions are being answered this afternoon about what exactly police responded to over the weekend that led to five officers having to self quarantine.

Chelsey Withers was live this afternoon from the area officers responded to Sunday morning.

According to Erie Police, officers observed around 25 people outside of what is reportedly an unofficial after hours club.

Erie Police Chief Dan Spizarny explained that this is believed to be an office space that has been converted, but they are not aware of a name attached to the club.

Over the last couple of years officers have responded to this address, but police say there have not been any extreme issues.

Police also stated there is no liquor license associated with the club, that it doesn’t operate regularly and that they are unsure if it is just rented on occasions or on a nightly basis.

As for the Sunday morning incident, police say they were there to disperse the group gathering for fireworks.

“Our officers never went in the club. We weren’t technically at the club, we were on the corner for a fireworks call. The occupants in the car that our officers investigated made statements that they had been at the club, but our officers were not at the club,” said Chief Dan Spizarny, Erie Police.

The suspect arrested that night was given a rapid test and did test positive for COVID-19.

The chief explained that the department alerted the county about this so they can conduct the proper contact tracing needed.

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