Recovered COVID-19 patient speaks out after being released from Saint Vincent Hospital


A round of applause echoed from the halls of AHN Saint Vincent Hospital for a patient that has recovered from COVID-19.

We spoke to this patient on her battle with COVID-19 and what it meant for her to overcome this virus.

Karen King told us that the battle was difficult for several days, but she was overwhelmed to see frontline workers supporting her when she was discharged this afternoon.

A round of applause and cheers roared throughout the lobby of AHN Saint Vincent Hospital.

78-year-old Karen King was discharged from the hospital to her family after a strenuous battle with COVID-19.

“It’s been a long time. There’s some of them I haven’t seen for over two weeks. I’m glad to get home and their glad for me to get there,” said Karen King, Recovered COVID-19 Patient.

King, who has COPD, was admitted into the ICU unit on May 12th after feeling sick at home in Corry.

“I didn’t think too much of it. Things just started to progressively go downhill with my feelings and I was feeling sick and stuff,” said King.

While in the hospital, King was placed on a ventilator and received plasma to help combat the virus.

Nancy Weissbach, Chief of Infectious Disease at AHN Saint Vincent told us that it is inspiring to see King leave the hospital symptom free.

“She certainly could have taken a turn for the worse, which she really didn’t. She stabilized and then improved. So for us, it’s just a feeling of overwhelming gratitude that she has improved,” said Nancy Weissbach, Chief of Infectious Disease at Saint Vincent Hospital.

King told us that while this journey has been difficult and overwhelming, she wouldn’t have been able to overcome this virus without her support system.

“Thanks to my daughter that decided to push me to come to the hospital. If it wasn’t for that I probably wouldn’t be here,” said King.

King tells us that after a long two weeks in the hospital, she looks forward to spending time with her family, catching up and enjoying the warm weather outside.

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