Red Letter Hospitality creates holiday kits to keep the holiday spirit alive


A local restaurant is getting creative with its take-out menu.

Red Letter Hospitality said that they came up with the holiday kit idea in order to keep the spirit alive despite the current mandate.

At each of the locations, you can order a holiday drink kit to go featuring some holiday favorites such as Baileys Irish Cream or a Mule.

If you would rather eat however, you can order a holiday meal kit.

“The different kits we put together are super easy to do. So in regards to the food kits all you need to do is cook the main dish which is the protein the chicken, the steak or salmon, and directions are included step by step and the sides all you do is pop them in the oven and you’re good to go,” said Anne Lewis, Director of Marketing for Red Letter Hospitality.

The drink kit will be available until Christmas. The last day to order a food kit is on December 20th.

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