Research facility gathers information on COVID-19 and vaccination


The COVID-19 vaccine is here in Erie and we talked to a research facility on what they are finding out about the vaccine.

Here is more on what we spoke about with Moore Research.

Moore research has been gathering information on COVID-19 since April, but this recent survey conducted on the vaccine might be the most important one of them all.

Moore Research Inc. conducted a third round of research surveying 850 Erie residents on their thoughts on the vaccine.

“I just think it should be prioritized for older people if it’s going to be given to healthcare workers,” said Keefer Gregoire, Student at Gannon University.

The first two research surveys showed how people in Erie felt during the pandemic and how they feel now.

“We then started to see a lot of more emotions and sadness. Depressed people are lonely,” said Lindsay Bach-Moore.

And 29% of those 71% that feel the vaccine is safe are not wanting to get vaccinated.

“I think more places maybe will be allowed to open knowing that everything is going down and I’m really hopeful about that because we are hurting in that category,” said Laurie Riddle, Erie Resident.

How do college students feel since going back to school?

“First day back on campus and just the atmosphere feels a lot better. It seems like people are starting to I don’t know. It just feels happier. You can just see it in their faces and eyes,” said Gregoire.

According to the results from Moore Research Services, out of 23% of households there has been at least one person in the household that has tested positive, and a third of people know someone that has passed away from the virus.

The next phase for Moore research is to continue the path on finding information from people in Erie to understand how the pandemic has affected people mentally.

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