Sara’s Restaurant sees normalcy after COVID restrictions have been put at ease


Sara’s Restaurant is seeing normalcy after COVID restrictions have been put at ease.

The restaurant is managing the business at its full capacity especially for Memorial Day.

The owner of the restaurant Sean Candela said that people aren’t going to see many changes. Candela said that the picnic tables are back.

The layout of the two lane drive thru that was set when COVID hit will remain the same.

Candela said that with COVID restrictions being at ease, visitors don’t have to feel there’s a need to wear a mask unless a visitor wants to.

“We’re just going to enjoy the nice weather because we really need it. I say that every year, but I think this year everybody agrees with me,” said Sean Candela, Owner of Sara’s Restaurant.

Candela said that he is still waiting for the Department of Health to give him the green light for all of his employees to be maskless.

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