Scott Enterprises gives back to the community with free meals during the month of May


Scott Enterprises is giving back to the community today, feeding families in need during the month of May.

Scott Enterprises provided over a thousand free meals this afternoon. Cars showed up two hours before the giveaway was intended to start.

“We’re in the hospitality business and we have a saying in our company we promise to care and so what we’re doing today is fulfilling that promise. We have all of our team here about 25-30 people. Our staff at the ambassador made some great food and we’re handing out meals to people in need,” said Nick Scott Jr, Vice President of Scott Enterprises.

Scott added that Scott Enterprises has invested $50,000 to provide over 10,000 meals this May. Scott’s brother said a lot of work has gone into planning this meal giveaway.

“Everyone on our team is so excited about it. We’ve been working really hard to put this together. We’re really excited that we’ll be able to do this for the entire month of May on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s really heartwarming to see all of these people coming here you know being thankful,” said Chris Scott, Vice President of Scott Enterprises.

We spoke to members of the community who are receiving the meals and commending Scott Enterprises for their generosity.

“I think that’s wonderful. I think they’re doing good,” said Roger Eickley, Erie County Resident.

Lisa Gregory, another Erie County resident, said that she appreciated everything as she just happened to have the day off as well.

Another community member Myra Clark said that these meals are helping her out immensely while feeding her two grandchildren. Clark is looking after her grandchildren while their mother is currently at work.

“I think it’s amazing, absolutely amazing,” said Clark.

Nick Scott said that he wants to continue this meal giveaway program in June.

Scott Enterprises is looking for companies to donate to their non profit to keep this program going.

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