St. Joseph’s Church wraps up 2020 Oktoberfest while adapting to COVID-19 changes


One of the latest festivals this season is coming to an end over at St. Joseph’s Church.

The 14th annual Oktoberfest is bringing the community together as the pandemic continues.

Here is more on how St. Joseph’s Church is adapting to the festival changes.

Even during the pandemic, the Erie community is able to get a taste of different ethnicities close to home.

The organizers of Oktoberfest said that churches across the county helped with this year’s festival success.

The 14th annual Oktoberfest is one of the last festivals adapting to COVID-19 changes.

“It’s been different, I don’t want to do this ever again. We like to have all the people here having a fine time. It really brings people together,” said Father Larry Richards, Pastor at St. Joseph’s Church.

This festival took months to plan as the commonwealth continues to adjust to precautions.

Ususally you could smell the sauerkraut balls cooking outside and the German music playing, but that is not stopping parishioners from stopping by.

This Oktoberfest is giving the community options to stop by and pick up their food or a drive-thru pick up.

One parishioner claims that a little support goes a long way.

“Being able to do something for fundraising in addition, just to get out of the house to do something for your mind, body and your health,” said Jeremy Johnson, Parishioner at St. Joseph’s Church.

One Oktoberfest chairperson said that while this is the last ethnic festival of the year, it’s humbling to see the community come together.

This is after seeing how nearby parishes modified their fundraising events.

“This was definitely a community effort to try and help all the area festivals with how to come up and make these happen,” said Stephanie Weiss, Oktoberfest Chairwoman.

All of the money raised and donated from this festival will go to the parish.

Father Larry Richards told us that this year’s donations are expected to help with the maintenance of the church.

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