State Representative Ryan Bizzarro speaks out against Wabtec


State Representative Ryan Bizzarro is demanding action to be taken against Wabtec following images that surfaced showing their “sanitation stations.”

Bizzarro said his office has received hundreds of messages and images showing the conditions inside the facility.

Bizzarro added from the photos sent he believes it is unacceptable. He has been discussing the issue with the Governors office.

“As a rule, I usually don’t get involved in how corporation or business decide to work with their employees, but this is a public health crisis. We have a smaller hospital system here in Erie County. It cannot take an inflects of patients like that. If God forbid there were a COVID-19 outbreak at Wabtec, it would decimate our hospital system,” said State Representative Ryan Bizzarro.

Bizzarro said he does not understand why the company was granted a full waiver considering majority of their work is for overseas companies.

County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper also voiced concern over Wabtec’s waiver.

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