State representatives across Pennsylvania are pushing for a simpler solution to help you book your COVID-19 vaccine.

This comes as thousands of people struggle to get their COVID-19 vaccination scheduled.

Here is more on the Vaccine Registry Act.

Questions continue to arise about when you will be able to get a vaccine.

State Representative Ryan Bizzarro, along with other representatives across the country, said that this database will help eliminate confusion on where you can register.

Frustration lingers for thousands of people in search of a COVID-19 vaccine across the commonwealth.

“They’re getting ready to enter their information on the vaccination that after waiting two hours that can’t get the vaccine, that’s unacceptable. Moving forward we need to make sure people get the vaccine,” said Representative Ryan Bizzarro, (D) PA 3rd District.

Representative Bizzarro along with three other Pennsylvania State Representatives are developing a statewide vaccine registry.

The Vaccine Registry Act would help the Pennsylvania Department of Health create a database of people eligible and willing to get the vaccine.

Those who don’t have internet access will have the chance to call to make an appointment.

Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper in a statement said that “If the database can be established in a fiscally responsible manner, I support it. The need is here and now. I understand people are anxious to get a vaccine and would find some comfort in at least putting their name in the queue.”

Registrants would also provide evidence of their risk status, proof of eligibility, and note how far they would be willing to travel to be vaccinated.

Bizzarro said that this would be a centralized system, giving residents the chance to sign up for their vaccines and make appointments.

“I think people can see based on the comments on social media, the calls, the emails, people need a one site place to go when registering their vaccination,” said Bizzarro.

The database would give vaccination providers the opportunity to prioritize vaccinations appropriately and avoid system wide shutdowns.

The bill was introduced on Friday. Bizzarro told us that they are working with democrats and republicans to get more co-sponsors.

This measure would likely be referred to the House Health Committee for review.