Student and parents at Mercyhurst University react to news of student testing positive for COVID-19


Mercyhurst University students and parents are reacting after a student tests positive for COVID-19.

That student is currently being quarantined at home in Eastern New York.

Following a CDC announcement on March 10th, some countries the student traveled to were reclassified as “Level 3”.

Currently, students staying on campus must self-quarantine themselves until Saturday, March 21st.

 Many people we spoke with say this is a sad and scary situation.

“It’s a little hard to deal with right now. We’re currently in a situation that we have not had to deal with in our lifetime. We are facing the consequences of that right here, right now,” said Lydia Bolin, senior student.

“I really feel bad for these kids and seniors that had two months to go and were told it’s over. It’s across the country. It’s unbelievable,” said Pete Messina, father of student.

The student who tested positive was instructed to return to New York for in-home quarantine, in accordance with CDC guidance.

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