The Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership is helping businesses during the pandemic


The Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership has been side by side with many businesses in need during this unprecedented time.

Yoselin Person was live at the Industrial Sales Manufacturing Building this morning to tell us more.

Businesses in our community can have a bit of a relief because the Erie Regional Chamber has their back.

“Of course businesses are worried about revenue and capital, so trying to deploy capital has been important for us and helping to understand how to access capital,” said James Grunke, CEO, Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership.

The chamber has been the backbone for almost a thousand businesses in Erie. They have been providing access to information to all business that depend on the organization, especially during this unprecedented time.

“More importantly we serve the community. It doesn’t matter if it’s a member or a non-member,  we’re trying to help all businesses,” said Grunke.

Many say the chamber has been helping them to navigate the new normal.

“The way the chamber is set up now it’s going to help us, A) trying to make us leap forward, but now with this reset of the economy we need them as much as ever right now,” said James Rutkowski Jr., General Manager, Industrial Sales Manufacturing.

However, many did say there has been a bit of confusion as to how to follow the federal, state and local guidelines.

“There’s so many competing pieces of knowledge that is really hard to figure out which one is the right one,” said Rutkowski.

Industrial Sales Manufacturing has been working hard to keep their workforce safe. They also say there’s a lot they have to do to stay open during these unprecedented times.

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