Make no mistake, most of us are fed up with more than two years of battling the bug.

But the evidence is leading health professionals to believe that while the illness may not be as lethal as earlier strains, people who are older and immune compromised may be asked to go back to the tried and true preventions including wearing masks and distancing with a new wave expected this fall.

People are also advised to stay up to date with vaccinations.

“That’s the best tool we have to prevent bad outcomes against COVID, and also wear a mask, no gatherings, and things like that if you are in that group of people,” said Dr. Monika Murillo, LECOM Health.

A lot of things have changed with the bug in terms of its severity and the ways to fight it, but some things have stayed the same.

Some of the original suggestions including getting your vaccinations are still the best advice.

While the initial efforts was just trying to convince people to get vaccinated, now that many have the new frontier is booster shots, every four months for those at risk, both in terms of the initial shots and staying up to speed with boosters.

“Get vaccinated with the series and if you have been vaccinated to check on your booster status. The booster is recommended if you have not received it in four months and you’re older than 50 or if you have chronic medical conditions,” said Dr. Chris Clark, MD, President of AHN Saint Vincent.

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The ultimate goal may no longer be the elimination of COVID, but managing the illness the way an annual shot protects us from the flu.