Twinbrook employees speak out about the COVID-19 conditions in the nursing home


JET 24 recently spoke with two current employees from Twinbrook Nursing Home. One of these employees has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.

One of the two employees said that she believes she has contracted COVID-19 while working at the facility.

We will not be releasing the names of these two employees.

Twinbrook Health Care and Rehabilitation Center has confirmed 25 positive cases of COVID-19 and six deaths among patients.

Seventeen of the staff members have tested positive for the virus as well.

The nursing home said in part that COVID positive patients are being cared for in a distinct area of the site apart from other residents.

The nursing home also said that caregivers who are in contact with COVID patients are not in contact with non-COVID patients.

Two nurses employed at Twinbrook said that the facility is not handling the situation well.

“It’s not contained at all. We are cross contaminating by moving the positive patients to one floor which is understandable to quarantine,” said an anonymous employee.

The anonymous employee said that rooms are not properly being cleaned after positive cases are moved.

The employee added that they believe that is why the virus is spreading within the facility.

“A lot of our staff is out sick or has quit including housekeeping. So things are not being disinfected as they should be,” said the employee.

Both employees said that it was surprising to see the spread within the facility which started with three cases and spreading within two weeks.

The employees added that they not only fear for themselves, but their families as well.

“We know that we will get it. Everyone that works there is. It’s pretty much an assumption,” said the employee.

Both employees agree that nursing homes are still not prepared to handle the virus.

“Some employees that have had their test come out positive were never called by the office. They have to call the office to get their result. So in the meantime there coming in positive and not knowing,” said the employee.

Another major issue according to the employees is the staffing issues as you heard.

According to the employees we spoke to, their major issue at the moment is the facility has under staffed departments.

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