Unemployment frustrations continue for Erie County residents


Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. back in March, over 36 million people have lost their jobs.

Some area residents are still having trouble receiving unemployment and they’re getting little to no response.

We spoke with one resident about their disappointment from the state level.

One woman that we spoke with said the state’s unemployment system is deceiving and continues to create frustration for her full time working son.

Hundreds of Erie County residents are still searching for answers about their unemployment claims.

Denise Veverka’s 21-year-old son redials the phone multiple times a day in hopes of reaching someone at the State’s Unemployment Office.

“He’s been trying to file an April check that won’t let him go through. They won’t even let him skip that. They owe him four to six checks. We call everyday. The line is busy from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and he’s emailed three times,” said Veverka.

Veverka said that it’s frustrating to see her son receive no help with all the responsibilities he takes on.

“He has no income coming in. He didn’t get the stimulus check because he’s a college student, but he still works full-time and pays taxes. Now he is getting screwed by the unemployment office,” said Veverka.

Susan Dickerson, Director of Office of U.C. Benefits Policy, says prior to the pandemic, some claims took four to six weeks to be reviewed.

“The area where there is more of a delay is where there is individuals that have particular situations that we have to look at,” said Dickerson.

If you are filing for unemployment there are some common mistakes you can be on the lookout for to be sure you’re following the directions correctly.

“The wrong first name or last name, a wrong social security number, some very basic types of errors and also a lot of what we see is incorrect to questions we ask,” said Dickinson.

Dickinson tells us that it is important to answer questions thoroughly. If answers are not thoroughly, a claim could be on a wait list for a human intervention.

Dickinson added that if someone doesn’t feel comfortable using a computer, the best way to get in touch is on Thursdays or Fridays and the number is 1-888-313-7284.

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