UPMC is launching a new COVID-19 clinical trial based on getting faster and more effective treatments.

Doctors can provide supportive care for COVID-19 patients, but there is no specific treatment for the disease.

There are hundreds of trials being used around the world, but they are done with many patients and take a long time.

So, UPMC is doing a new form of testing called adaptive platform trials. This allows them to test multiple treatments faster with fewer patients.

“The trial then changes the odds towards getting those treatments more frequently, so the poor performing therapies are discarded quickly and essentially our physicians are always betting on the winning horse,” said Derek Angus M.D., M.P.H., UPMC.

Across the UPMC system they have done over 7,000 COVID-19 tests. 8% have come back positive.

UPMC Hamot has done 271 tests. 4% of the tests have come back positive.