UPMC searches to find a vaccine for COVID-19


As cases of the coronavirus continue to grow in numbers, works towards finding a vaccine moves forward.

UPMC doctors say it has been a challenge. A team of UPMC doctors in Pittsburgh are currently working to create a vaccine for COVID-19.

Finding the vaccine however has several challenges for the team.

Challenges include sensitivity, off target effects of other diseases that mimic your specifics and detecting patients that are pre or post symptomatic.

The main issue when it comes to COVID-19 is having a person to test the vaccine on, unlike the flu.

“Fortunately, we don’t have positive patients to run around with the disease to be testing,” said Alan Wells, Medical Director of Clinical Laboratories.

Doctors added if they had a positive patient, they would be able to compare positive and negative cases, as well as finding sensitivity issues with the vaccine.

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Pennsylvania COVID-19 Map

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Health

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