Waste water data suggests higher COVID-19 counts in Erie County


COVID case numbers today have been reported at about 50 cases across Erie County.

However, waste water data suggests that case numbers are much higher.

Here is what some health officials are currently saying.

One doctor said that these case numbers will not decrease until more of the community is vaccinated.

The COVID Advisor for the Erie County Department of Health, Dr. Howard Nadworny, said that waste water levels indicate case numbers have doubled every week for the past two weeks.

“Waste water data prediction suggests we should be identifying a hundred cases which is clearly higher than we are finding,” said Dr. Howard Nadworny, Infectious Disease Physician at Saint Vincent Hospital.

Dr. Nadworny said that this means the community should continue to follow CDC guidelines including mask wearing and social distancing until more people have received vaccines.

“We need to be concerned especially over this next month as we are starting to be able to vaccinate more people because we have not vaccinated enough people,” said Dr. Nadworny.

Some people who are in Phase 1B who are receiving their vaccine said that they are glad to finally have this opportunity.

“It’s just like that cushion on top of the mask. I have that immunity now that’s going to protect me and the people around me,” said Anna Daily, Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Daily is a lifeguard and said that she feels better about going to work.

Another person receiving the vaccine said that she misses her family and is eager for vaccination efforts to expand to the general public.

“What we’re seeing with these new strains is that younger people are getting infected and more of them are getting hospitalized,” said Dr. Nadworny.

Dr. Nadworny said that three weeks ago case numbers were starting to level. A week later case numbers doubled and then doubled again the following week.

Now Erie County COVID case numbers are likely higher than reported, roughly 100 cases a day.

Dr. Nadworny said that the community must continue with precautions until more people receive vaccines.

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