Xenex LightStrike Robot comes to Erie to help fight COVID-19


Xenex LightStrike Robot comes to Erie to help fight COVID-19.  

Blade Doctors LLC will harness the power of cutting-edge technology in a big way to fight pathogens like COVID-19 using the Xenex LightStrike Robot in the Erie community. 

The LightStrike robots have been proven to quickly destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi by using intense pulsed UV light.

This machine is meant to sanitize and disinfect rooms.

Studies of the robot say it takes about two to five minutes to kill off SARS-Co-V-2, the virus that causes the disease COVID-19, while it also takes more than 10 minutes to kill off other bacteria and viruses.

Hundreds of healthcare facilities use LightStrike robots to disinfect their facilities. The mission of the robot being in the area is to reach out to community centers, nonprofits, schools and nursing homes to use the service of the robot.

The robot will be in Booker T. Washington Center for two weeks while it waits for other institutions to set up schedules to use the disinfecting services.  

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