Allegheny Health Network one of 100 sites selected by Pfizer to participate in clinical trial for children as young as six months old

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Allegheny Health Network is one of 100 sites selected by Pfizer to participate in the clinical trial as young as six months old.

However, at the AHN site, the team is only studying kids ages five through twelve-years-old.

Today we spoke to a family whose five year old is a participant in the Pfizer trial. This five year old was able to receive either the placebo or the vaccine in the double blind placebo controlled study.

Now that teens ages twelve and up can get the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine, there is a new clinical trial underway that is studying minors as young as six months to twelve years old.

However, the Allegheny Health Network site is only studying ages five through twelve.

“She was a premature and this will actually be the third study that we will be a part of, and I think it’s really important that if we can contribute to other kiddos like herself that we do,” said Elizabeth Fogle, Mother of Trial Participant.

Fogle’s hope is for her kids to return to playing with each other without the worry of COVID-19.

“Playtime pretty much with other friends has stopped and I think it will be really nice to help contribute to helping kiddos getting back to playing with friends,” said Fogle.

According to Anne Zomcik, a pediatrician involved in the study, she said that 100 sites were selected by Pfizer and Allegheny Health Network in Erie County is one of those.

“we are the only one in the AHN community that is doing it. There are about 40 kids for each site being enrolled. So over 1,000 children in the United States,” said Anne Zomcik, Pediatrician, MD, Allegheny Health Network.

In the double blind placebo study, Zomcik said that some receive a placebo and others will receive the actual vaccine.

“One out of three receive the placebo, but the other two in the arms of the study will receive the vaccine itself,” said Zomcik.

The entire clinical trial is two years.

Zomcik said that the vaccines are safe and hopefully the vaccine will be available for younger children soon.

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