CDC provides new outdoor guidelines for individuals who are fully vaccinated

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The CDC is providing new guidelines for when to wear a mask.

Americans who are fully vaccinated will no longer need to wear masks if they are doing physical activity alone, with members of their household or attending small outdoor gatherings.

The newest advice is that fully vaccinated people will no longer need to wear a mask while outdoors unless they are in a crowded area.

The CDC’s newest guidelines outline outdoor activities where it is safe to not wear a mask.

This includes walking, running, and biking outdoors with members of your household. This also includes attending a small outdoor gathering with fully vaccinated family members and friends.

Outdoor activities where a mask is required, even for those vaccinated include attending a crowded outdoor event such as a live performance, parade or sporting event.

One woman who was visiting Presque Isle said that if she were at a larger gathering, she might want to wear a mask.

“Especially a wide variety of ages of people from teenagers up. I think I would wear my mask. I feel very comfortable for example out here on the Peninsula. I ride without my mask on,” said Kitty Harrington, Visiting Presque Isle State Park.

While some people say that they wear a mask to be safe, others say that they do so to make people around them feel more comfortable.

“Out of respect to the business owner and the employees, I still put a mask on, but if I was outside like I am right now with my wife I’m not gonna wear a mask,” said Joe Artist, Visiting Presque Isle State Park.

Epidemiologist Dr. Emily Shears said if case numbers are lower in Erie and there isn’t as much concern, then there is room for flexibility.

“Activities would be more liberal there, but if we’re having surges like we did in November, December, January, obviously masking plays a really vital role even if you’re vaccinated to stop the spread,” said Dr. Emily Shears, Epidemiologist at UPMC Hamot.

For those who are fully vaccinated, the CDC said that it is safe to not wear a mask while attending a small outdoor gathering, or to even dine at an outdoor restaurant with friends from multiple households.

Vaccinated or not, these new guidelines allow for people to get outside and exercise or even visit local parks while enjoying the fresh air without a mask.

According to the Governor’s Office of Communication, Governor Tom Wolf will be visiting the mass vaccination clinic at the Bayfront Convention Center tomorrow.

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