Erie County Department of Health sees climb in COVID-19 cases while Johnson & Johnson puts pause on their vaccine

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The Erie County Department of Health is seeing a climb in COVID-19 cases.

Meanwhile, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been put on pause and now any adult can be vaccinated.

The Department of Health is seeing a jump in COVID-19 cases comes just as the news about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine being put on hold.

The Erie County Department of Health is now seeing an uptick in COVID-19 cases. No one is sure if those case counts are from the Easter holiday.

The Department of Health released the following statement:

“We cannot confirm any specific information that has attributed to this rise in case counts. Easter Sunday was on April 4th, 2021 and is within the 14 day infectious period.”

Tuesday morning the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was put on hold because of major side effects including blood clots which developed in half a dozen women.

UPMC said that they’re following the guidance from the CDC and FDA to pause any vaccination with the J&J vaccine.

“Any of our clinics that have Johnson & Johnson we’re pivoting to using Pfizer and Moderna so we don’t have to cancel those appointments,” said Jason Chenault, Senior Director of UPMC.

Although the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been put on pause, many are encouraging everyone to get vaccinated.

“I think the idea of all these vaccines came so quickly. We’re expected to see something along those lines. I don’t think it should stray away from choosing a vaccine that you’re familiar with and other people have taken in general,” said Joseph Neff, Erie Resident.

26-year-old Joseph Neff received the Pfizer vaccine now that any person 16 or older can get vaccinated.

UPMC receives 2,300 vaccines on a weekly basis, so the supply and demand won’t be complicated.

UPMC administered 45,000 Pfizer vaccines and has only given out the Pfizer vaccine.

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