The Erie County Department of Health reported Monday that low percentages of the county population have received COVID-19 boosters.

As of August 1, the health department reported only 30.5% of the population in Erie County has received their first covid booster, and only 7% has received their second booster.

The director of pharmacy from AHN Saint Vincent tells us that after more than two years of the pandemic the community may be experiencing some covid fatigue.

“Some of these mitigation and prevention strategies have fallen off of the radar, but it doesn’t decrease or reduce the importance for us to continue to educate, to continue to talk about the importance of receiving vaccination including boosters,” said Stephen Henderson, director of pharmacy, AHN Saint Vincent.

In its latest county map released on Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has listed 13 Pennsylvania counties as high COVID-19 community level areas.

Erie County, and surrounding Crawford and Warren counties, have all moved back to low levels of COVID-19 community transmission. Nearby, Mercer and Forest counties now have high levels of COVID-19 community transmission.

The Erie County Department of Health is reporting a daily average of 56 COVID-19 cases, out of 389 total cases, for the week of July 25-July 31. The county reported one new death, bringing the total number of deaths from COVID since March 2020 to 825.

A new COVID-19 vaccine called “Novavax” is also now available for those who have not received any covid shots; it is not an mRNA vaccine.